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There are 3 processes I need to do with the documents I receive from the email. 

There is a green track - where the documents go straight with the right parameters, they are documents that come straight to the mail and are checked that they are the same as the documents I have in document definitions and if all the documents that are in the email are the same it is called the track 

There is a red track with ID - where some of the screens that came from the email are identical to the documents that I have in document definitions and some are not, which is the same as going to a hot folder and not moving to another folder on the computer, 

Last track is a red, unrecognized track where there is no document name that corresponds to documents in document definitions and they directly move to another folder on the computer 

How do I balance the different documents? Where do I check it? 

I would love to help I must do it quickly! 


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    Aaron Brown

    If you are having any problem in email like outlook send receive error then you could follow the steps which are mentioned in the article. There are many steps and each step have described in that article is very clear to their point. Only you need to follow all the instructions and you will get the result. Then you will be able to send/receive any documents or files. But before applying all those make sure that your internet is working and your mail software is updated.  


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