Could not export to LOCATION because Unable to export a non-analyzed document


I'm getting an error running a FlexiCapture SDK

 "Could not export to LOCATION because Unable to export a non-analyzed document"

This error happen when the document dont match with any document definition in the project.


The recogine method of the batch work fine and I get the exception during call the batch.Export( null, IExportParams);


I tried get this error in Batch,  ExportParams and imageExportParams methods but was not succesed. If I can find the exception during the execution and set the ApplyForceDocumentDefinition() method before call the batch.Export() method I think I can Fix this.

The problem is I can't found this exception in SDK.

The exception blows up only when I call the method batch.export(null, ExportParams); passing the ExportParams




How can I fix this issue in SDK?


In project Set up station I can fix this setting up "export unknow documents" checked true in Export TAB in Project Properties.


Also setting up the propertie "Errors are irrelevant" in Export Settings in each Document Definition properties.


Anyone knows how to get the exception before blows up in SDK or

set this configuration properties by SDK to fix this issue?


Thanks and Regards





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