Data capture and Image capture at the same time?


I'm currently testing the Abbyy Mobile Capture SDK on Android, my needs are as follow:

- Capture a cropped picture of an ID Card

- Extract data of the ID Card (Either through MRZ or a recognized ID document template).


I'm wondering what is the best way to achieve this in the most seamless way for the user.

Extracting data from the Camera, and extracting a cropped document picture from the camera are handled by two different services (DataCaptureService and ImageCaptureService).

- Can I start the two services at the same time? Each service seems to provide and recognize only its own buffers, I could route each filled buffers to the respective service but it seems a bit far fetched.

- Or should I try to use them consecutively? First start DataCaptureService, acquire data fields, stop DataCaptureService, start ImageCaptureService, acquire cropped image?


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