FlexiCapture Operator Management

Hi! I’d like to ask and discuss with other user the experience of switching the operator from one license to another license. So, my employer bought 1 ABBYY FlexyCapture as a pilot project last year. We are happy with the support we’ve got from the software so we bought 2 more this year. The reason that our company needs 3 is that we want to differentiate the user from one division to another division. After the second purchase for 2 license, we want to split the operators that we bought last year to other license that has been bought this year. But the vendor (not directly purchase from ABBYY) said that it’s not possible because the first purchase maintenance has been expired even though our newly purchase of 2 licenses still have 1 year maintenance ahead.. Purchasing 1 license comes with 1 year maintenance, so, our maintenance from first license bought last year had been expired. They want us to pay for 1 year maintenance, only to move the operators once. Do you have an experience in dealing directly with ABBYY? I’d like to know if there’s an option that we only pay the one-time service without purchasing the maintenance for the whole year. I believe that ABBYY professionally have this kind of service or even move the operator once for free considering that we have purchased double than last year and there’s still opportunity to conduct additional business relationship in the future. Thanks for your comments!

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