Max paper size for FineReader

What is the maximum page size or paper size that the FInereader can handle? 

Can it handle fold-outs with 24 inches by 30 inches page size?

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    Below you can find some information about ABBYY OCR technology limitations:

    File size: the image files should not be bigger than 2 GB and a page should not have more than 32512 x 32512 pixels. Kindly review the OCR - Optimal Image Resolution article.

    Total number of pages: the total number of pages might be limited by the license (project license, renewable license, CPU core limit with no page count). The pages in one file, e.g. a PDF can be rather big, >1.000, if you have enough RAM and disk space. Please see the Specifications FineReader Engine for your information.

    Processing time depends on what you do and how much CPU cores you use. Please check the following article OCR & Processing Speed.


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