Basic Setup of ABBYY Mobile Web Capture

ABBYY Mobile Web Capture distribution kit includes a set of code samples, which help to easily try the product capabilities on your own documents.

The following video demonstrates the basic setup of a web page to capture images and send them to ABBYY FlexiCapture:

  1. Install the NodeJS - navigate to, download and install Node.js
  2. Unzip your ABBYY Mobile Web Capture distribution kit
  3. Go to sample_fc_integration\fc_mobileAPI\client\libs\js folder and place there your trial license MWC.ABBYY.License
  4. Open the PowerShell window from the server side to install the application. Run npm install and npm start commands. Navigate to the web page localhost:3030/flexi-capture to see the application
  5. In order to send documents to ABBYY FlexiCapture edit the data in the sample_fc_integration\fc_mobileAPI\server\settings.js file
  6. Use optional process manager


More information about all code samples available in the ABBYY Mobile Web Capture distribution kit you can find in the Help file:

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