How many images cloud ocr sdk solution can process simultaneously?

Can you provide any information on how this works?

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    One of the key advantages we see of a cloud solution is that you can upload a large number of documents and have that OCR work completed on a bank of servers at the same time. The cloud solution is slower to a local server when looking at the time it takes forr software to transfer the document to OCR Server (it's faster sending documents to a local server than uploading through the internet to the cloud solution), but once it has reached our 'cloud', you'll have an ultimately faster solution rather than OCRing one document at a time.

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    Ivan Khintsitskiy

    "Cloud solution" means that the number of stations processing ocr request scales automatically depending on workload. The more images are supplied - the more processing stations are spawned. Under big workload it CAN reach hundreds of stations working simultaneously.


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