How can I improve recognition speed

I am using FineReader Engine to recognize scanned documents and convert them to searchable PDFs. Can you recommend me some settings to get maximum possible processing speed?

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    Dear Vasily,

    You've described the scenario too roughly to be specific in recommendations.

    Nevertheless I can recommend you using predefined settings profiles available starting version 10.

    Among others you can find 'DocumentArchiving_Accuracy' and 'DocumentArchiving_Speed' profiles designed for searchable PDF files creation. Which to choose depends on quality of images you have and acceptable accuracy level. Just make couple tests and pick out appropriate profile.

    Hope this will help you.

    Other way of getting help is to contact ABBYY SDK tech. support providing image samples and code sample reproducing behavior of a host application. I'm sure you'll get exhaustive recommendations on what SDK processing parameters should be set.



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