How to read multiple fields on a page


Is there a way to submit a single image and specify multiple field regions? I would have thought that a form with multiple fields would be a very common use case.

I have a product order form that has lots of fields on it (approx 180). I ran some tests and processing the whole page fails with far too many errors. As the page is a mix of typed products with hand written quantities I tried the processing the quantity fields and it works great. I tried submitting the fields to the processTextField api and to my horror every 5 fields appears to count as a page. This means that the true cost of a page is huge. Is there a way to submit a single image with 180 field regions and have this count as 1 page.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Andrey Isaev

    Hi Bludginozzie!

    This is a very interesting case you mention. Actually we have already planned making separate API call to process multiple fields at once, but now we will consider moving this up in priority list. Please stay tuned for our anouncements :)

    Update: Functionality has been implemented using processFeilds method.

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    Thanks for your prompt response. I will certainly keep an eye out for announcements. I think an api for this will be very useful as the ocr engine does not appear to cope well with mixed type and handwritten forms.

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    I will be needing this functionality as well. Since you don't have that functionality yet. What is the best work-around to do it?


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