Dimensions of A4 page size

The billing terms indicate that the size of a single page is ISO A4 format (210mm × 297mm size). Pages submitted that are larger than this size are billed as multiple pages.

However, the image size in pixels depends entirely on what resolution the image was scanned at (ex: at 75dpi, the dimensions of an A4 page are about 620x875, whereas at 300dpi, the dimensions are around 2480x3500).

With the OCR SDK, I have found that submitting images of A4 pages scanned at 300dpi result in my account getting charged for multiple pages.

Does anyone know the image resolution (in pixels) that is considered a single A4 page?

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    Hi there! In fact, several hours before your post we've implemented a new release of the SDK that fixes the issue you describe, all A4 sized pages should now be calculated correctly. However, if you still face this problem, please send your Application ID to cloudocrsdk@abbyy.com so we could thoroughly examine your case. Please let me know if you have any more questions.


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