How to improve handprinted recognition?

Are there hints to improve handprinted (textType=handprinted)recognition? Should I use lines in forms? Is it dependent from the line height? Is upper case better?

Thank you.

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    SDK Support Team

    There is an article with some details in documentation. Also take a look at processTextField documentation. All the options are available for processFields as well.

    There are some steps that improve recognition:

    1. If there are words from specific language, you can set it. The full list of languages is here. There is a special language for digits only.
    2. If there is a limited letter set like only latin letters you can specify it using letterSet option.
    3. You can add regular expressions to check different recognition variants.
    4. Check writing style. It is different in different countries.
    5. Set oneTextLine and oneWordPerTextLine flags if that makes sense.

    Some general hints on improving handwritten recognition is to correctly specify image resolution in your files. The recognition engine performs best at 300 dpi images with letters height ~1 cm so you can try to change resolution and resize the image to contain ~100 px high letters.


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