Issue with POST to processBusinessCard Resource results in 450 / Parental Controls Error

If I post to:


A PNG file of a PG-rated business card, each time (even if I do https) I get back a 450 as follows:

"450 Blocked By Windows Parental Controls (RestClient::BlockedByWindowsParentalControls)"

Something tells me the server is configured wrong in the cloud.

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    Jason Goecke
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    Jason Goecke

    If I change the exportformat to:


    It seems to queue it. So, I can work around it, but somehow don't think my business card is R-rated.

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    Dmitry Mesheryakov

    With processBusinessCard verb the permitted values for exportFormat parameters are vCard, csv and xml. txt is not among the permitted formats and this is what yields HTTP 450 code.

    HTTP 450 code is likely interpreted by RestClient as being parental control related. Our service only returns HTTP 450 code together with text saying that incorrect export format has been specified.

    The solution is not to use exportFormat=txt - that's not the supported value anyway.


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