Restrcting Mobile OCR letterset Android Answered


I’m currently using a trial of the android mobile Abbyy ocr engine.

Is it possible to set the letterset, or restrict the letters that are recognised?



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    Andrey Isaev

    Yes. Not on the page level, but for particular field you can restrict letter set or even define regular expression. Please refer to documentation:

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    Mark OMalley

    Is that only for the cloud ocr engine?

    I'm using the mobile engine, and cant find where to enter the character restriction.

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    Anastasia Galimova

    Hello Mark! Yes, it is possible in Mobile OCR Engine 4.0 since Release 9 by means of creating the custom language via ABBYY FineReader 4.0. The details can be found in Help > Programmers’ Guide > How to..? > Create custom language.

    You can use a trial copy of ABBYY FineReader 4.0 to create the custom language. To request a trial copy, please contact the ABBYY office serving your region.


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