Feature Request: Offer software developers the ability to integrate via the development platform. offers an easy way for software developers to customize the user experience using their tools. The development is mostly done via point-and-click as opposed to API. It saves a lot of development time and effort and makes development available to anyone with limited software coding ability. Many IT people are becoming more skilled in improving business process instead of writing code so to appeal to a wider audience it would be nice to offer customers and developers an easy method to integrate ABBYY Cloud OCR functionality into their application via simple point-and-click integation.

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    SDK Support Team

    Feature request. Please vote it up if it is important for you.

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    This is very important for Japanese company. It will be an easy method to integrate ABBYY Cloud OCR functionality to Please kindly provide easy way to automatic scan function for paper and upload to salesforce. Takasumi Shindo Salesforce Consultant


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