OCRSDK for Driving Licence

I am working on iPhone Application and i want to scan the Driving License and get it's entire information to fill the License form.

I want to scan the Driving Licence with number of fields like : Image ,ID , LastName ,FirstName ,EXP ,DOB etc etc

Now in this case what can i do to scan all the field of Driving Licence perfectly

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    Bálint Molnár

    I'm doing the same, but with Hungarian licenses (where I live). I'm early in the process, currently creating an algorithm that reads the data from a 95% perfect scanned image so eventually I can move on to mobile captured photos.

    My method here is to find the patterns in the one big returned string and just split it. It takes a lot of time, because my client asked for 99% accuracy even with those images.

    I suppose your first clear the string out of things you don't need such as "AUTO DRIVER LICENSE" and just concentrate on extracting what you really need.

    I know I didn't help much, I don't see an easy way to do this

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    Dear all, currently we are working on ready-to-use Driver's License capture technology, pre-tuned by ABBYY for this specific type of documents. Beta version of this technology will be available soon in our Cloud service. If you want to participate beta, please email us on and share DL samples you would like to process.

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    Any status on this? Right now I have a license for Flexicapture and have an upcoming need/interest in capturing information from identification cards to expedite filling out membership application forms.

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    Bálint Molnár

    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately I did not finish the application with the driving license. However since then I had work where I use Abbyy FlexiCapture and with that I had to recognise and extract data from German ID cards.

    I could do that with creating a regexp for the OCR strips and then parsing those with verification rules. (link text)

    If you have an OCR strip I suggest you try using that, because the anti-copy patterns can disrupt the recognition of other fields. If you don't have an OCR area on your drivers licence, I suggest you contact Abbyy directly if they have a solution.


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