Skew cloud ocr

I am trying to get back OCR xml output that has been deskewed.

My application maps the OCR data to an image. Currently I am getting back both pdfsearchable and xml output. The pdfsearchable is then converted to an image by my application. As far as I know I cant get back an image file, so I am taking the pdfsearchable output and rendering it to an image file on my end. This works fine for getting a deskewed image of the document, however the xml output appears to reflect the original skew.

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    Anastasia Galimova

    Sorry for the long delay. In Cloud OCR SDK there is no way to get coordinates on the deskewed image directly. To get it, you can send the deskewed image for re-recognition, but, unfortunately, it will be charged once again.

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    Anastasia, can this feature be implemented in future? I need this feature too!

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    Vitalie, X-uarg G-raux, can you please specify whether you need both coordinated of deskewed and nondeskewed image? Or you need only deskewed one?


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