[ABBYY Finereader Engine 11] Selecting area on Image Viewer and Identifying Block content Answered


I am using ABBYY Finereader 11 OCR SDK. I am trying to select a random area on the Image Viewer component through "Draw Recognition Area" tool. When I try to get the block information selected on the Image Viewer component in 'OnBlockSelectionChanged' and 'OnBlockAdded' events, the block count returns 0. The 'VisualBlocks' count returns number of blocks selected on the imageviewer component. In can get the Region objects from it.

How can I get the text/picture/other contents from this visual block region? I want to store the region properties so in future I can fetch text/picture/other content information from similar kind of image files.

Is this the correct way I am following to achieve my goal? Is there any easy way to do this in ABBYY Finereader Engine 11? Please let me know as soon as possible, we need to evaluate fast.

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    Julia Anikushina

    After you have selected several blocks on the Image Viewer you can call IFRPage::Recognize method to extract data from them.

    In case you don't need to recognize all selected blocks you can use IFRPage::RecognizeBlocks method. It recognizes text in an explicitly specified set of blocks.


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