IsEmpty to remove blank pages?

I would like to use the IsEmpty method in code but would like to define more properties. One of the properties I would like is the MaxBlacknessPercentage or any other properties that can help me fine tune the page removal. Here is an example of what I would like to achieve with the Abby Engine.

Thanks for you help! Below is a sample of how I am doing this.

if (!document.Pages.IsEmpty(null, recognizeParams, true) && !isBlank) {
documentPageIndicies.Add(i); _logger.DebugFormat("Page {0} is not blank.", i); } else { _logger.DebugFormat("Removing Page {0} from document.", i); }

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    Natalia Karaseva


    The IFRPage::IsEmpty method from your code snippet is not connected with MaxBlacknessPercentage property.

    The empty pages detection was improved in last release of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11. Namely, new method IsEmptyEx was added:

    IFRPage::IsEmptyEx(objectsExtractionParams, recognizerParams, emptyPageDetectionParams);

    This method allows you to specify additional parameters during empty page detection, such as IEmptyPageDetectionParams::MaxBlackPercentage or IEmptyPageDetectionParams::MaxTextObjects.

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    John Misuraca

    That's awesome. Working my way through the channels to get a login so I can download Release 3.


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