recognize the picture with charactors that was specified

I want to recognize the picture with charactors that was specified,only about 100 simplified chinese charactors.I'm trying to create user defined dictionary.But when i add chinese to the dictionary,it reports error. Is there someone could help me to solve the problem?thank you!

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    Natalia Karaseva

    I've tried to recognize some simplified Chinese characters with help of IUserDictionaryDescription. There was no error. Probably, the C# code snippet from Developer's Help -> API Reference -> Language-Related Objects -> Dictionary could help you. Try to modify it and to use the parameters for Chinese instead of English.

    In addition, I'm not sure that you use the user pattern training, but just to remind, it is not supported for CJK languages in FREngine 11.

    In order to better assist you could you, please, specify what is the text message of the error? What are the methods you call and the properties you set?


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