need the tool for handle fields tuning

Hi all! I have developing OCR software - the goal is recognition of insurance blanks. I have extracting fields with text from image and send it to your OCR public service separately. The meta-information about text fields i store in special database. The main problem - the source images very diffirent, they have diff scale, margins and so one, so, one meta-information is not valid for all images. I need the tool for handle fields tuning. I see it as graphical editor with source image and freely floating colored bars above it. Where i put colored bar - there image text must be recognized. Please see for understanding the idea:

Please help me to choose right direction.

Respect, Max



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    ABBYY provides the Data and Document Capture software:

    You can find more information about these products at our site. Also you can contact to your region sales to clarify some details about these products. They will help you to make a choice between them and provide with a trial license.

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