[FR Engine 11 SDK] Field recognition: How to determine the coordinates of the field i want to get the text from ? Answered


I have a PDF file for which I need to use Field recognition to get the text of a specific region. What I don't understand is how I can determine the coordinates of the region.

If a use a tool like Adobe Reader, Skim or Gimp to get the coordinates of a selected region in my pdf it seems it has nothing to do with the coordinates values in ABBYY FREngine.

When I look at the dimensions of the PDF in my PDF viewers I get something like a height of 841 and a width of 595.

But in ABBYY FREngine SDK the height is 3504 and the width 2479.

I am quite confused.




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    Answering myself:

    I think I have found the problem. Pdf readers display the PDFs at 72 DPI on screen, while ABBYY FREngine process the PDFs at 300 DPI by default.

    I needed to convert the coordinates, width and height by multiplying them by (300/72) to get proper values to use in the SDK.

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    There is the AutoOverwriteResolution property of the PrepareImageMode object which specifies whether resolution of the prepared image should be automatically overwritten in FREngine. This property is TRUE by default. If you don't want to change the resolution of the image, set this property to FALSE.

    Please find more information in Help → API Reference → Image-Related Objects → PrepareImageMode.

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