Why recognition process takes so long Answered

I use ProcessDocument method and I have a problem with speed of recognition. When I process one page it take 5-8 seconds and when I try to process document with 30 pages then the rocognition proces take 20 minutes. It's not a problem with internet connection, becouse upload image take 10 seconds. Is there posibility to inproved this.



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    The processing time depends on the image you recognize, the settings you use and the internet connection speed, and it is calculated in the following way:

    Processing time = Time for transferring a file over the Internet + Time in queue + Time for OCR

    If you say that there is no a problem with the internet connection, then we should check the recognition settings which can improve the OCR speed on ABBYY's side. Please review the following FAQ section: Why are my images processed for too long?

    To get some certain recommendations, please send us the 30-pages image to, and we will test it on our side.


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