Recognize the edges of form in picture

Dear, Currently, I use Cloud OCR SDK for my job and I need to do OCR for our forms.

But I have a big problem, our forms input are come from the picture and our employees take the form picture by their ways. So I can't make sure the picture have size, ratio, resolution consistency.

So I need to recognize the edges of forms in the picture before I process fields in there.

Do you have any goods idea about that.

P/s: I see iOS mobile SDK has this feature.

Thank you.




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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK.

    However, if you are designing an application which will allow the user to recognize some certain forms with a mobile phone, we recommend that you add to user interface a frame showing a position of the form on the screen when the user is taking a picture. See also this article for more info how to photograph documents for OCR. Then before sending a recognition request to the Cloud OCR server, your application should crop the image using the frame borders.

    Also you can use ABBYY Mobile Imaging SDK to pre-process image before recognition.

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    Vinh Dang

    Thanks for your help! I will check it out.

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