What does mean resultStatus in RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate

When I try use your SDK I found, that delegate method - (void)onBufferProcessedWithTextLines:(NSArray*)textLines resultStatus:(RTRResultStabilityStatus)resultStatus; return several values for resultStatus.

In header file I found descriptions for RTRResultStabilityTentativelyStable and RTRResultStabilityStable are very similar. In case for optimising recognition timing may I trust, that RTRResultStabilityTentativelyStable status is enough for get right result?

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Thank you for your question. The developers' comments are below:

    It might be enough if you are willing to trade quality for speed.

    There’s a strong correlation between stability and the probability that you actually get the right result. The higher the stability level you target, the better your chances. You can choose any level from “Available” upwards. “Tentatively Stable” is less stable than just “Stable”, so the average quality of the result will be worse but it will take less time to reach this level of stability.

    However, whatever the stability level you choose, there is no guarantee that on a particular try the result you get will be right. It’s all about probabilities.


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