Receipt processing time on cloud ocr Answered


1. How long receipt could be recognized by Cloud Ocr SDK? In other words: How many time  receipt recognition  process can take?

2. Is there service time out or something ?

Thanks a lot!

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Hi Igor,

    Sorry for long silence.

    1. The processing time of a receipt may vary depending on multiple factors, and the most important being an image quality and size of a receipt which is being processed. For scanned receipts the processing time can take from some seconds up to a few dozen of seconds, and if a receipt is very long it can take about a minute in order to process it.
    2. At the moment we do not have timeout on our side, but it can be added in future. However, any recognition task (image, processing settings, recognition results and any cache) will be deleted automatically by the following scheme:

    • 42-48 hours after upload
    • 24 hours after processing and completion.
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    Igor Romanovskyi

    Hi Oksana,

    Thanks a lot for detailed information!


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