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I'm currently testing out the Cloud OCR SDK and can't quite get the field level processing to work. The steps I'm performing are:

1) /processImage (with image in body)
2) /getTaskStatus?taskId=123 -> getting task completion and verifying resultUrl has the data as expected
3) /processFields?taskId=123 (with document / field definition in body)

I'm expecting to receive the XML results in the response as outlined in the docs at Instead however I get the task back similar to what I've already received in step 1 (see below).

How am I supposed to get the field processing results or what am I doing wrong?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    <task id="123" registrationTime="2017-04-26T15:57:58Z" statusChangeTime="2017-04-26T16:12:13Z" status="Queued" filesCount="1" credits="0" estimatedProcessingTime="5" />


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    Sven Perkmann

    My mistake, turns out the results are posted on the same taskId and getTaskStatus returns a new downloadUrl with the appropriate results. This thread can be closed.


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