Just installed FC SDK - Unable to load engine Answered

I just installed FCE SDK on Windows 7. I am trying to run the sample and am getting the following output:

Load the engine...
Unspecified error

Is there any other log file being generated that explains what's happening? Printing the stack trace didn't show much either other than the program is failing on the command to load the engine.


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    Oksana Serdyuk

    The "Unspecified error" message may occur when FlexiCapture Engine (FCEngine) is used by the 64-bit version of Java, but FCEngine has only 32-bit native support. In order to use FCEngine on Java you could either use 32-bit version of Java or load Engine in the out-of-process mode (by means of the OutprocLoader object).
    This article can be helpful in case of using FCEngine with the 32-bit version of Java on a machine with the 64-bit system architecture.
    Also, you can find more information about loading Engine in Java in the article Developer’s Help→Guided Tour→Advanced Techniques→Programming Aspects→Using in Java.
    And the article Developer’s Help→Guided Tour→Advanced Techniques→Programming Aspects→Different ways to load the Engine Object may be also useful.

    If these suggestions do not help, kindly send to the following information:
    1) The serial number of your FCEngine package.
    2) The AInfo report. Please find the instructions on how to create such report in the article in our Knowledge Base: How to create AInfo report?.
    3) Please specify if the issue can be reproduced on our Hello (Java) code sample (C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\SDK\11\FlexiCapture Engine\Samples\Hello (Java))?
    4) The step-by-step instruction with the screenshots what you are doing.

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    Using the 32-bit version did the trick. Thanks for the help!

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