FineReader not able to recognize image with text for a PDF file

I am now trying to use the console application for ABBYYFineReader that i got from "" and i tried to scan a pdf file with both text and image. When i am trying to save it in .txt, the text within the image is not getting read.

If i try with only the image(as .png extension) and scan it , it works fine and ABBYY is able to recognize the text within the image and save as .txt file.

Am i missing some sort of settings required to be done to scan the text within the image in a pdf file?

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Please try to use the imageSource parameter with the scanner value of the processing method for your PDF documents. Additionally, you can try to use the textExtraction profile.

    If these recognition settings do not help, please share your PDF document for further investigation.


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