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Good day

Requesting an XML result for an analysis, I would like to get the same information from the cloud API that I get from the local SDK. In particular, the SDK allows me to get information about a paragraph's style, such as BaseFont or FontSize. I am aware of the forum posts that discuss the "xml:writeRecognitionVariants" parameter (, which I tried to no avail. I also tried to apply the "xmlWriteCharFormatting" parameter (, which yields an error.


Summarized, I would like to know whether and how it is possible to get font information (size, bold/italic) from the cloud API.


Unfortunately, I did not manage to upvote the corresponding feature request (


Thanks in advance for your reply!
Greetings, Ben

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    Nikolay Krivchanskiy

    Hi Ben,

    Unfortunately, this feature is not yet supported in Cloud OCR SDK. 

    As you already noticed, ABBYY is aware of the fact that users require this functionality and it is planned to add it in the future. That being said, I have no information about when exactly this functionality will be available.

    As of now you can get the font and paragraph style information only in FineReader Engine. 

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Hi Ben,

    We are happy to inform you that such functionality has been recently implemented. Now it is possible to get information about the paragraph and character styles in the XML export format. For this please use the xml:writeFormatting parameter of the processImage or processDocument methods and set it to true (by default it is false).


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