What is the relationship between pages/fields and credits? Answered

When we are using api to recognize documents, the returned information shows that this task costs how much credits, but what is the relationship between pages and credits? The price showing on your official website is based on pages but not credits. And I have searched a lot but cannot find anything about their relation

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports full-page and field-level recognition modes, and there are two units of measure in which our service can bill an account. The first one is the unit named A4 page, it is actual for the full-page recognition methods. And the second one is named Field, it is actual for field-level recognition methods. Our service estimates 1 A4 page as 5 Fields. Thus, the credits attribute contains the cost of processing in the Fields units. This is also mentioned in our documentation in the description of the service response: 

    credits – specifies the cost of processing: it contains the estimated cost before task processing, and the actual cost, after the task has been completed. The measurement unit is the price of processing of one field.


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