OCR and OMR a form with 50 fields(majority text fields, the rest checkboxes)


I downloaded a 30 fay trial for "FineReader Engine 11 for Windows". FinieReader is the only software that is approved by my company, I know ABBBY FlexiCapture does what I want, but can't use it, since it's not approved. The goal is to OCR and OMR  a form of around 50 fields, mostly text and some checkboxes, then extract data from it and put in a sql server db. Can ABBY FineReader Engine 11 for Windows do that and if so how should I start? 

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    Denis Gusak


    FineReader Engine analyzes document and creates a layout where it marks all areas with text, images, tables, etc. Then it recognizes text inside this areas depending on the type of area.
    FineReader Engine allows to save this layout into the file and use it with other documents, so if your forms have the same structure you can use this approach. Please check [Help → API Reference → Layout-Related Objects → Layout] for more information.


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