Detecting the presence of a signature


I will work with some standard documents (like contract, NDA, etc) that users will send back completed: data, checkboxes & signature. So I know the zone where the signature should be applied.

Using your OCR, is there a way to detect if the document has been signed (maybe with a accuracy level).

Thanks in advance

PS: I also sent you the question by email, I should have use this forum to share the response...



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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Hello Laurent,

    We have sent you a detailed answer by email.

    ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports field-level recognition, but with some limitation: the automatic layout analysis is not available for this mode. It means that you have to specify certain coordinates of each field on a page for its correct processing. Thus, it is necessary to understand that this approach is good only for recognition static forms, when the forms are fixed and differ only in a little skew/rotation.

    However, ABBYY provides a wide choice of products and possibly another our product will fit for your scenario better. We recommend you to evaluate also our offline Data and Document Capture software. In terms of SDK products ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine might be what you are looking for. FlexiCapture Engine provides tools for extracting data from documents that have or have no fixed layout including invoices, contracts, letter, etc.


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