extract data from a fields form whit a cell phone

Hello guys, 

I need extract data from a standar tax form (see the red labels in the picture). The end user will use your cell phone to do that

1) which SDK I need to use?

2) whit the free version of the recommended SDK can I make the job?

3) any adicional advise that you can give me, will be grateful

thanks for your help

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    There are two different SDKs which you could try to use for your usage scenario:
    • online solution – ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. This is a platform-independent service that provides Web API for OCR. It is implemented using the REST software architecture principles, so it can be used in any development tool supporting communication over the network. The processing is performed on ABBYY’s side, so a user do not need to use the resources of his device for OCR. Cloud OCR SDK is based on our common OCR technologies, and it is intended for processing images (scans or photos). Please feel free to follow the link and after successful registration, the technology will be accessible to test.
    • offline solution –  ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK. This is a software which should be used on the device, the processing is performed on the user’s side. In comparison with ordinary OCR technologies which work with scans and photos, RTR SDK does not require snapping a photo, but offers the possibility to automatically "snap text", recognizing video frames the engine automatically estimates whether the recognition result is stable enough and can be returned to user.

    Both these solutions can recognize this kind of text and supports regular expressions that can be used for getting more accurate recognition results.

    You can try both variants which are free for trial use.

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    Hi Oksana, thanks for you answer,

    for the same image above, I want to use RTRSDK

    there is something like processFields than works in rtrsdk to recognize the fields in red squares (see image ) on a page for one call. we write a regular expression but this add each field at time, I want to recognize multiple fields on this page for one call.

    thanks again for your help 

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    You can capture several fields for one run of the application, but one by one, i.e. firstly you capture the first field, then - the second one, and so on. Since RTR SDK works with video frames, the usage scenario could look the following way. The user focuses the device's camera on the first field, while the application shows some tips saying that it is necessary to choose, for example "Name". After RTR SDK has managed to capture it, the user could read the next field and so on.



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