Train RTR SDK for specific font

Hi, Is it possible to train the Real-Time SDK to a specific font? I'm using the SDK for recognition ISBN codes and sdk can't recognize ISBN with specific font for example Code Xero font by FontZillion


Thanks in advance


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    Daria Zvereva

    Hi, sorry for the delay with response.

    To recognize the specific font you may use either a custom dictionary with limited alphabet or the DataCapture scenario with a specific regular expression. Please read about it here for iOS or here for Android.

    These features are available only for the Extended version of RTR SDK, you may request trial here.


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    Xasan Rahimov

    Hi Daria, thanks for the response. I am trying to scan the attached image with RTR SDK. Please look at the attached image, you can see ISBN number at the top. That ISBN number is written with Code Xero font family. Unfortunately, RTR sdk can't recognize it even with using the DataCapture scenario or with a specific regular expression.  

    If you think RTR can recognize this ISBN number then, can you please send me an example code that recognizes that attached image?





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