Extract barcode from car licence disc Answered

I need to get the information that is encoded in a barcode on a car licence disc. I want to pass an image of the whole disc and get the barcode data returned. I'm currently using the processImage api function but it only seems to work if I pass the api a cropped image with just the barcode. My use case requires a user to upload an image of their licence disc and get the encoded data return, so cropping the image with just the barcode isn't possible.

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    Helen Osetrova



    In order to recognize barcodes only, please specify the barcodeRecognition profile as a parameter of the processImage method. The other way is to define the region on the image where the barcode is located and apply the processBarcodeField method. 


    Please find more information about working with the barcodes in the corresponding article. Hope this will help!

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     When using this example :

    and using a JPG file

    images/SAMPLE.jpg: JPEG image data, Exif standard: [TIFF image data, big-endian, direntries=11, manufacturer=Apple, model=iPhone SE, orientation=upper-right, xresolution=162, yresolution=170, resolutionunit=2, software=10.2.1, datetime=2018:11:07 06:17:51, GPS-Data], baseline, precision 8, 4032x3024, frames 3

    I get the following response:

    SimpleXMLElement Object
        [message] => Unsupported image file format




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