How can i pass more options values in command prompt as string


i am giving the below command for executing textFieldRecognition method.

textField --options=textType=handprinted,region=510,710,1190,834 "C:\\Users\\ramanjireddy\\Desktop\\abbyy_ocr\\English\\Handprint\\Page_08.tif" "C:\\Users\\ramanjireddy\\Desktop\\abbyy_ocr\\English\\Handprint\\result.txt"

but it's giving  Exception occured:Error: Invalid text type: region=510

could anyone please help me in giving the right command for text field recognition.







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    Oksana Serdyuk


    Please sorry for the delayed response. According to our logs, this issue occurs because the specified region is outside the image boundaries.

    Pay your attention that the coordinates of the text field should be specified relative to the left top corner of the image and are specified in the following order: left, top, right, bottom. It means the following:
    left – x coordinate of the top pixel of the field,
    top - y coordinate of the top pixel of the field,
    right- x coordinate of the bottom pixel of the field,
    bottom- y coordinate of the bottom pixel of the field.

    The left, top, right and bottom coordinates are rectangle border locations in pixel. For example, on the picture below the coordinate of top left corner of the image block is (20, 143), which means that the left coordinate of the image is 20, the top coordinate is 143.

    Hope this information will be helpful!

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