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i need to read a scanned pdf and convert the result in xlsx. I try but i can't change the code of console_test to make this.

someone help me please.

I'm just a student, first time trying to make this, please, patience with me.

thanks all

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    Oksana Serdyuk

    Hi Michael,

    As we have already answered you by email, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports the XLSX export format in full-page recognition mode. You can recognize your documents and export them to XLSX using our C# code sample.
    The button for XLSX is implemented in the GuiTest sample, so you can simply use this sample with User interface.
    Or you can use the ConsoleTest sample with the corresponding parameters. For this follow these steps:
    1. Open the solution, set ConsoleTest as a StartUp Project.
    2. Specify your credentials in the Test.cs file.
    3. The XLSX export is also implemented in the ConsoleTest sample, so just run it with the corresponding parameters, for example:

    ConsoleTest.exe --lang=English --out=xlsx <source_file> <target_dir>

    in order to recognize a document.


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