How to extract key/value pair from pdf file


I am trying to extract key/value pair from a pdf file but on exporting, I am getting the whole PDF file exported. I am looking to get only the input fields as key/value pair. Is it something that can be done?

I am using the Hello sample code which comes as part of installation. Below is how I am exporting.


document.Export(Path.Combine(FreConfig.GetSamplesFolder(), @"SampleImages\test.rtf"),                    FREngine.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_TextUnicodeDefaults, null);




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    Helen Osetrova

    Hi Imtiaz,


    Extracting the data as a key/value pair is not supported by default FineReader Engine functionality. You can perform field-level recognition for capturing an information from the particular fields but the key and the value should be matched on your side. Please review the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Basic Usage Scenarios Implementation → Field-Level Recognition article for the details of this scenario implementation. 


    The other possible solution is to use FlexiCapture Engine. This SDK is designed especially for capturing document data with the help of pre-determined document definitions. Please find more and request trial on the product page.


    Moreover, if the online service is suitable for your recognition purposes, please consider FlexiCapture Cloud. This is a cloud capture service which enables automatic classification of documents and extraction of data from any document type while learning automatically from users’ feedback. The service allows to recognize the first 200 pages for free, so please do not hesitate to try it.


    Hope this information will be useful!


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