ABBY Solution Approach for Reading Multiple Unstructured Invoices

Hello All,


We are receiving 1000+ invoices from our vendors which are of different format types and semi structured/unstructured. We wanted to read the values for "Invoice Number, VAT, IBM Number, Manufacturer, Total Amount" which are in different places/positions in each document.


We have received the ABBY FlexiCapture 12 trail and worked on couple of POC's such as creating document definitions for unstructured documents and successfully read the values from them. What we understood/assuming from our experience is that for every unstructured document there needs to be a document definition created to read the values from the documents.


As we are having 1000+ different invoices having different structures, my question is that do we need to create 1000+ document definitions in ABBY Studio to read the values from the unstructured invoices.


Or is there any way in ABBY to read this 1000+ different documents at one go and read the values.  


Could someone help me know the approach for the above problem.


Thanks in Advance,



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