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I have encountered a problem in Abbyy FlexiLayout Studio while extracting information from invoices.

There are no Anchors/Headers for few fields in few invoices as all of them have different templates. So if I a

have to extract relevant without the headings(only for a few invoices), how do I code my eSearchlement?

Any relevant suggestions would be of help.

Thank you,







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    Nadezhda A. Solovyeva

    Dear Anusha,

    Generally, the FlexiLayout coding for invoices consist of the following steps:

    1) You separate your set of documents to a few kinds so that you will be able to process each document with a layout. Usually, one kind of document is for one invoice supplier

    2) You code identifier elements so that the document will go to proper layout during the processing

    3) Next, you find a way to locate the value in the invoice. The key to your value could be a tag, a header, a nearby value, a separator or a white gap.

    After that, you describe the location of the target value according to the key.

    The process of description is FlexiLayout coding. It could be as complicated as programming. We have a FlexiLayout language, and for complicated documents (such as invoices) it's almost impossible to build a layout without knowing this language.

    We have a set of tutorials and complete Help to describe the process of coding. We also have training courses (online and offline ones). We recommend starting with the "Halloween registration form" tutorial available in FlexiLayout Studio Help.

    If it is not your intention to learn FlexiLayout language, then you may either use ABBYY Professional Services to do the coding for you or take a look at "Training" feature. In FlexiCapture Studio 12, it's possible to train the document directly in FlexiCapture Studio. Knowing FlexiLayout language is not required to do so.

    Please refer FlexiCapture Studio Help, chapter "ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices" → "How to set up an invoice capture project" → "Training ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices" for full information.


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