Confidence level and coordinates at field level using FC standalone and FlexiCapture Engine

Dear ABBYY Team,

I want to extract some additional data (Confidence level and coordinates at field level) from documents along with field values.

I have created a java program in FC engine and calling fcdot file which is created in FC standalone version. I want to return extracted data in xml format and this data should have additional information of confidence level and co=ordinates at field level. Is there any method available in FC Engine to achieve this functionality.

I tried using "Export to XML" option in Flexicapture export profiles where ready options to save 'Field Position' and 'Character Recognition Quality Info' are available. But, I am not able to recall this export profile via fcdot in my program. Is there a method available to call export profile along with fcdot?

Though as per project structure, export profile is a property of fcdot but then why the same export is not returned via program? Does the program only saves field properties to extract it's data from documents?

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