Cannot detect table - Column Properties greyed out


I am trying to complete a similiar exercise as the following, but I am stuck on step 4. of 'To créate an InvoiceTable element':

The instruction says the following:

To create an InvoiceTable element:

In the SearchElements tree, create and element of type Table and name it InvoiceTable.

Click the Columns tab

Click Select to select the previously created InvoiceTable block as the block to search

Specify the search parameters for the table columns:

In the list of columns, select Reference and click the Properties... button.

For the name of this column, we will use the previously detected TableHeader.kwReference element. To use it, select Use found element as column name, then click and select TableHeader.kwReference.



The thing is that I cannot click on the 'Properties' button because it is greyed out. Moreover, when I deselect on of the columns and attempt to click on Properties again, I get the attached error message. 

If someone could help it would be great as at the moment I do not know how to complete table extraction due to this. 

Thank you

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