ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 getting Internal Error .\Wiaimage.cpp, 205 Answered

I am running ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 on Windows 10, using a DYMO CardScan800c.  This has worked well for me for many months.

Today suddenly, I am getting errors.

First, I was getting an error that it could not connect to the twain scanner.  Removing & readding the 800c device from D&P and rebooting, then selecting another device and reselecting the scanner fixed that.  Now I am getting "Internal Error .\Wiaimage.cpp, 205". and I am unable to scan.

I've done extensive searching on "Wiaimage.cpp" and come up with nothing.

The only thing I've found is that TWAIN was depreciated on Win10 long ago, but I've installed the app & drivers and have been working fine for months.





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    Peter Groman

    I checked the windows WIA service - and restarted it just in case

    I checked the windows ABBY Licensing service - and restarted it just in case

    I've tried repairing the ABBY installation.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling ABBY.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DYMO hardware.

    I've tried rebooting.

    I've tried crying (on the inside)


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    Peter Groman

    Maybe it is magic or maybe I wasn't holding my tongue right... but it is working now.

    I noticed that Windows Scan (from the MS Apps )  would see my other scanner, but not the 800c.  So I uninstalled and reinstalled the DYMO but this time WITHOUT applying the drivers INF.  And it worked.  Weird.


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