Error NSURLErrorDomain error – 1012 in SAP Hybris C4C app for business card reading

The SAP Hybris C4C app for business card scanning sometimes throws an NSURLErrorDomain error – 1012. However, this error has nothing to do with an Domain error but with some configuration problems in SAP Hybris. Possible causes:

  • Wrong application name and/or password. (Please make sure to enter correct values in SAP Hybris. Attention, when you copy the application name and password directly from the e-mail you are getting from Cloud OCR SDK there may be a trainling space. It is advisable to copy first into a simple text editor and then in a second step to SAP.)
  • Umlauts, letters with accent, or similar used in application name on Cloud OCR SDK. Only use ordinary characters and numbers in your application name. Avoid spaces.

Plese see here how to configure SAP Hybris for using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK for business card scanning:

Another cause could be that the balance of the application in Cloud OCR SDK is zero or expired. In this case please reload the application or better switch to a subscription in order to avoid future failures.

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