the number of pages used

I have tested the number of pages for image file, the result is also different from the result of ORCSDK API.

For example, this file:

Width: 1920 px

Heigh: 18842px

DPI: 96

Follow the calculator formula as shown on page

the number of pages decreases = (1920/96) * (18842/96) / 97 (inches of A4 page) = 40

However, the number of pages reduced by OCRSDK API only decreased by 1?


My Application ID: 52798c86-1657-4764-8130-8ec78ebcaa6f

Why is there a difference? please help me?

Also, can I know how to calculate the number of pages used by the OCRSDK API (image files and pdf files) to convert to searchable PDF files?


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