Use ABBYY Mobile Capture in Xamarin Native environment

The official ABBYY Mobile Capture Xamarin plugin was created to be used with Xamarin.Forms. However, it is based on the internal Xamarin Native wrappers, which could be useful for Xamarin Native projects

To use these wrappers you’ll need to add to your Xamarin application the following libraries:

  • Android
    • libs/MobileImaging.Android.dll
    • libs/UIComponents.Android.dll
  • iOS
    • libs/MobileImaging.iOS.dll
    • libs/UIComponents.iOS.dll

For navigating through the API you can use documentation available in our native distributions and on the website:

Please note, that only API required for MultiPage Image Capture Scenario available in our Xamarin Native wrappers, you will be able to see the list of methods once you will connect the libraries to your project.

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