Batch processing and logic with Find Reader 15

With Find Reader 15 -- which I own - or another of your products, can I do the following:

1. have pdf files in a folder,  for the most part I need to crops them so that I get a center region then save to pdf and/or excel

2.  Sometimes, however, a file will need to be cropped differently, I could tell via logic

3. using a script - which I have never done -- could I accomplish the above


Steve Elster

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    Steven Elster

    Also, when writing the resulting file, is there a way to use the original file name?

    Thanks, Steve

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Steven! Thank you for the question!

    With FineReader PDF 15, it is possible to acheve the result using Crop tool in the PDF Editor and then conversing necessary documents/pages to Excel, but mostly not in an automated way.

    You will need to open each PDF file in FineReader PDF and use the Crop tool. Before applying the crop, you can review the pages and adjust cropping areas, first for all pages at once, and then individually on any of the pages which you need to crop differently. Once cpropping is done, the corrected file can be saved.

    Then the documents can be converted to Excel if needed. The conversion can be automated for multiple files using HotFolder tool (available in FineReader PDF 15 Corporate, not available in the Standard - please check which edition you have). In HotFolder, you can also set it so that the output files are named the same as the original ones. Scripts, however, aren't supported by FineReader PDF.

    It may be possible that the process that you described can be automated with other ABBYY products. If you don't mind, I'll pass your contact details to our pre-sales engineers team - they'll get in touch with you to clarify details of your task and suggest if there's a solution. Am I right that you are from the USA? If yes, I'll then connect you directly with our US team.

    Best regards, Yuriy


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