How do I synchronize my business cards?

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    Danila Volkov

    The app allows you to synchronize business cards stored on your iOS and Android BCR. Synchronization is carried out via the ABBYY Account.

    To enable synchronization, please do the following:

    • Launch ABBYY BCR on first mobile device;
    • Tap Settings > ABBYY Account and register using a valid e-mail address;
    • Once you log in, two new items will be added to the synchronization menu:
    1. The Enable menu disables or enables synchronization on the current device. If you disable synchronization on a device, any business cards that you process on that device will not be available on your other iOS or Android devices.
    2. The Via cellular (By mobile network) menu enables or disables synchronization via your cell-phone network. If this option is disabled, business cards will only be synchronized over Wi-Fi. If this option is enabled, business cards will be synchronized both over Wi-Fi and over your cell-phone network, which may entail additional data transfer costs.
    • Check if synchronization is enabled;
    • Launch ABBYY BCR on another mobile device;
    • Tap Settings > ABBYY Account and log in with the e-mail address and password that were used on first mobile device;
    • Check if synchronization is enabled.

    Please note, if synchronization is enabled, deleting card from the application also automatically delete it from ABBYY Account.


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