Siri Shortcuts in FineScanner and TextGrabber iOS


  • In FineScanner documents library make a left swipe on the scan > tap “...” > Properties.

  • In Properties, you’ll find the new Siri Shortcut menu. Enter it.

  • You’ll see Siri Shortcut setup window. Tap the red record button and pronounce the phrase. For example, if you create a Shortcut for a passport, say “Open passport”.

  • Tap Done and close the app.

That’s it! Just ask Siri to “Open passport” and here it is, the scan of passport is opened. The documents in FineScanner will be marked with microphone icon, in case it has a shortcut.



  • Go to the Main Settings > Siri and Search > All Shortcuts > look for Recognize last image from TextGrabber and tap +.
  • Tap the red record button and pronounce a phrase that you would like to open the last image in TextGrabber with. For example “Recognize last image”.

Now check the recorded shortcut by activating Siri. Tell her the recorded phrase, and the last image from the gallery will be opened in TextGrabber in Photo recognition mode.




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