Use Spotlight Search with ABBYY Apps (iOS)

The Spotlight search feature in iOS is an excellent tool for finding anything anywhere on your device. If like us, you have dozens of documents, hundreds of apps, and no end of contacts stored on your device, Spotlight will probably be one of your most frequently used iOS apps.

To open Spotlight, swipe down from the centre of your Home screen. You can search app names, notes, mail, contacts, meetings, reminders, podcasts and all sorts of content inside the installed apps. All ABBYY apps support Spotlight search, so you can:

  • Carry out full-text searches in TextGrabber to find notes.

  • Search across all captured fields in Business Card

    Reader to find business cards.

  • Search titles and tags in FineScanner to find documents.

  • Spotlight Search is easily accessible from any screen and is a cinch to use.




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